Summer is coming. I enjoy occasional fruity beers at that time of year so I thought about brewing one. I’ve watched a few you tube clips and decided to give brewing a fruity ale a go. Again the tester in me decided to make a Wilko IPA and split the fermented beer in half and add raspberries to half and leave the other as IPA.

The usual 2 weeks in the fermenter but for the fruit beer I added crushed frozen raspberries to another fermenting bucket and added half of the IPA on top about 4 days before the end of the two weeks. Took an early tasting and it seems quite nice.

I’m still waiting for some equipment for the corny kegs so have put IPA in a plastic polypin and the fruit beer in a king keg and primed both with 60g of sugar. Two weeks in the warm then a week in the fridge and fingers crossed should be ready for my birthday in June….. So names?

Birthday brew, Summer That ….

I’m a raspberry (let me out of here), Rubus, Red IPA…..

Not decided – maybe see and taste first? Patience now required

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