Coast Road

A London Pride Clone with an addition of coriander seeds 10 minutes from the end of the boil – see what happens!

After testing the fermentation process with the fridge and inkbird and a kit (Woodfordes Wherry) I felt comfortable doing a brew from scratch which is far more rewarding knowing you’ve done it all.

Brew day went well, I only had space in the fermentation fridge for one of the fermentation buckets so the other fermented in the warmth of the kitchen. Not ideal but until I upgrade to a bigger fermentation fridge it’s how it’ll have to be!

Fermentation took the usual 2 weeks with the following results:

Coast Road (fermentation fridge): SG1046 4/3/20 FG1014 17/3/20 4.2%

Coast Road (Kitchen brew): SG1044 4/3/20 FG 1014 17/3/20 3.9%

Then transferred to the corny kegs and carbed up and left – with the occasional tasting along the way 🙂

Tasting early April – tastes delicious and clearing well – not perfect yet so a few more days…..Very happy with this recipe but may try with more coriander seed next time.

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